Principal Investment

We are ‘Scalers’ and ‘Optimizers’ of businesses.

We focus on supporting the best teams by actively shaping and developing businesses in their early stage initially using our own capital and resources to transform them from ‘good business’ to ‘investable and scalable businesses’.

We focus on the Value Chain as we believe businesses are evolving and getting categorised from a Value Chain perspective rather than Industry or Sector perspective. This is driving a new way to scale and expand!

Driven by our philosophy, we invest for the long-term, bringing strategic capital, sector expertise, a track record of business turnaround success and operational excellence to companies we invest in. Our objective is to support, drive and build large scale businesses that make a positive, significant, and sustainable impact in Africa whilst at the same time delivering value for all stakeholders.

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E.F.A Farms produces and processes Castor, Maize, Pepper. Its farmland is sited at Iseyin, a city located in the Nigerian state of Oyo and is approximately 100 km north of Ibadan. E.F.A Farms has local off
takers and recently commenced export trials of Castor bi-product.

E.F.A Farms started crop production in a relatively low volume with a focus on the local market. From a low yield of 10 tons per acre, the company was able to identify a high yielding variety which, together with good agronomic practices, increased their yield to 16 tons per acre. The Company started engaging the services of smallholder farmers in the production of Castor during the 2019 farming season. The company started exporting the Castor to European markets under trials in addition to its local sales. E.F.A Farms is currently working on increasing the production and forward integration of Castor, Maize and Pepper after passing the export trials given the current supply deficit and favourable product economics.

Scrap Bank Africa is a waste recycling, logistics and aggregation company. The company set up to empower scrap collectors and aggregators by providing logistics, working capital support, recycling and trade services to these players, leveraging on economies of scale and size, to provide higher margin and growth for scrap collectors and aggregators.

Today, the company moves and recycles up to 2000 tons of scrap monthly, ranging from PET, Cans, Metals, Rubbers, and Cartons. It has empowered over 5000 scrap collectors and 2000+ scrap aggregators.


Clusterline Transport is a logistics and transportation business. It provides logistics and transport services to the critical and impact-driven sectors of the economy (Agriculture, Waste, Water, Renewable Energy and Healthcare). The company supports the working capital cycle of small and emerging players in these sectors with flexible and innovative contract terms.

Clusterline Transport is also a niche-based asset lending business in Nigeria which focuses on providing financing and support to minibus drivers. It provides loans to those entrepreneurs who are seeking to own and operate their own minibus by financing the acquisition of their vehicle and ensuring that they operate on profitable and tracked routes which reduces the risk of non-repayment.

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